Bangkok, Thailand | DESIGN 2022 / COMPLETED 2022 |

The Asian Mix Style
PINK & GREEN CHINESE PATTERN, The Rhythm of Pink Marble
Jing Jing Shop, 5th anniversary, is back again with a new brighter storefront.
new storefront design: We were inspired by the shop’s signature Hoegaarden Rosée ice cream. The pink ice cream has stripes. In addition, the personality of the shop owner is someone who likes colors and loves Chinese-style decoration. So we get inspiration from here. Let’s design a new storefront. to look brighter than before
which we choose to use as the primary material Pink marble with dark streaks. to make the color similar to the ice cream, we have to select stone slabs and make a detailed spec sheet. Because we have to use the pattern on one sheet to create a Pattern as we have designed and use the green pair of the original tiles of the old storefront that still exists. come to cut with pink stone to make the overall look more prominent Chinese-style tile design Finally finished with a red Chinese-style stool.

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