Chiangmai, Thailand | DESIGN 2021 / COMPLETED 2022 |

STEAK MR.JO is a European-style restaurant in Chiang Mai Opened in 1999, it is a shop that combines Western and oriental food that is easy to eat and affordable. It was a family restaurant in the early days. Then, today the next generation of heirs has thought of bringing together well-known and inherited dishes to share. Modern and look more interesting

At present, STEAK MR.JO, a former family building that is not being used, wants to be renovated into a small, warm, and contemporary restaurant. Starting from the designer has renovated an old shop house building, 1 booth 3 floors, with the idea of ​​liking the tone. Western design blends in the style of Kingsman Style, as the decorations in the movie, are pleasing and the owner’s attention, combined with the unique Art Deco Style of white and black. Therefore, the design concept was initiated from that point. I studied the idea of color matching that I would like to bring and match with the design context. Black, white, and gold seem to be the colors that I would like to use the most. Want to show intensity and fierceness with an elegance that complements each other.

Starting from the interior of the building want to raise the ceiling of the mezzanine as high as possible and Make a balcony that stretches out decorated with black wrought iron. Between the mezzanine and the 1st floor, looking from the top down looks clear and not too uncomfortable. In terms of Function design, the interior has a dining table set up like a dining room cabinet in a train decorated with lamps in the center and a dining area that can be adjusted and seat several people in the rest. Making it look like there is not a very wide corridor, but because the ceiling looks high, it makes it look too uncomfortable. The mezzanine is a seating area that looks relaxing. It doesn’t look like overeating and there is an important point that is made into a facade in this zone that makes it look prominent and looks detailed which makes the area look more playful as well.

The materials used for the interior are almost all wood and there is a subtle blend of steel. Without choosing to use it as a color in the tone of Dark Oak, which is darker than usual, it is a semi-matte color in order to see the wood grain hidden between the materials clearly and look unique. The gold used as a color sprayed onto the wood makes it look like a clear contrast between these two colors.

The decoration of the storefront chooses the same tone as the interior with a consistent story. It looks like a storefront (Shopfront) of the west, adding a feature to the curved glass part that will embrace the seating zone inside the dining room. Also, add details the gold in the mirrors and doors gives a sense of dimension and interesting details to the event

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