Chiangmai , Thailand | DESIGN 2019 / COMPLETED 2020 |

When talking about a home that feels warm when coming home from anywhere. These feelings could be the very definition of the design of this house. Because the homeowners wanted a box-like house with a smooth and modern look.

 We started designing the function and area of ​​the house according to the context of the location. Because the land of the house is square The square has an area of ​​128 square wah, so we designed according to the location of the house to look like a square. By dividing the living space within the first floor to have a common area with a hall in the middle of the house that looks open until the second floor of the house is a link within the house can connect to other common areas within the house, whether it is a living room Dining room Food preparation areas, bars, toilets, multipurpose rooms, and kitchens.

The interiors are reflecting the design décor with The architectural style is modern and simple by combining woodwork. We chose light white ash wood to help depict the interior of the atmosphere, warmth, comfort, and relaxation. It focuses primarily on functionality and comfort. The subject of other components, whether it is Detail components, such as the front panel, the front panel, the touch panel, the handle, or the hidden opening of the pattern that causes various effects within the event, making the interior elements more attentive

Exterior decoration We have been in collaboration with Pomelo Studios to fill the interior with cool and smooth architectural design elements by dividing the skin area, the interior frame into a playful way. By separating the balcony of the second-floor bedroom by drilling and using brick air vents to create an interior channel that separates the view between the privacy and the outside, but still hides the balcony of the materials used to create the Façade pattern of Buildings with the shape of the face of the wind, forgetting each other On the ground floor, the exterior walls of the building are painted in different decorations, where the lower floor is dark-colored and the upper floor is light-colored, resulting in a floating appearance from the building making it look tall and airy. It looks like a box or box of erasers with erasers protruding.

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